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Personal and Hygiene Social Stories

===Bathroom Stories===
My Going Potty Story
Going to the Bathroom
My Potty Book
In The Bathroom
Bathroom Book
Bathroom Cutouts
Using The Toilet
Once Upon a Potty
Going To The Bathroom In A Public Place

===Clean Hands Story===
Clean Hands
Washing Hands
When Should I Wash My Hands
Washing Hands Poster

===Getting Dressed===
Getting Dress
Getting Dressed
How To Tie Shoes

===Brushing Teeth===
Brushing Teeth
Brushing Teeth Social Story w/ PECS
Brushing Teeth

===Feeding Self===
Feeding Self Story
Food Makes Me Feel Different

===Being Clean===
Being Clean
My Deodorant Story

===Taking a Bath===
Taking a Bath
Bathing and Showering

===General Hygiene===
General Hygiene
Picking My Nose
Nose Picking Is Gross
I Need A Tissue
Drinking From a Water Fountain

===Hair Cuts===
Getting a Hair Cut
Getting My Hair Cut-Page 12
Visiting the Barber-Page 8

Menstration Page 1
Menstration Page 2

===Inappropriate Touching===
When Touching is Bad

===Wearing Glasses===
Wearing Glasses and Taking Care Of Them
Wearing Glasses

Manners and Feeling

Excuse Me
Tone of Voice
Sharing With Mom and Dad
I Don't Understand
I need help
Asking Questions
[["|Saying Excuse Me]]
Respect 1
Respect 2

===Manners/Social 2===
Not Always Saying What I Am Thinking
Not Listening
Tuning Into People
Personal Space
Time Out
No Answers From Others
Asking a question, you know the answer to.
Calling Out
When I Feel I Must Talk

Feeling Happy
Feeling Sad
When I Feel Angry
Getting Angry
Dealing With Anger - Page 3
Crying - Page 1
When Can I Scream
When Other Kids get Upset
Calming down
Being Angry

===Hugs, Kisses and I Love You===
Why and How We Hug
How I Show People I Love Them
Social Kissing

Saying Hi
My Hello Book
Making Converation
Talking About My Day
Saying Hello

Can I Sniff Your Hair
No Biting
Picking My Fingers
What Can I Lick
No Biting Story

===Playing With Friends or Siblings===
Asking Someone To Play
Being A Kind Friend
Playing With Friends
Sharing Toys - Page 2
Asking Other Kids To Play
Playing Games that Make Kids Mad
When Friends Come To play

===Playing With Friends or Siblings 2===
Playing Games - Page 4
Friend Words
Friend Book
Sharing With Friends
How To Play With My Brother - Page 43
Winning and Losing
Talking To My Friends


Eye Contact
Waiting My Turn To Talk
Talking To Friends
People I Can Talk To - Page 4
Potty Words
Good Times to Get Attention

===Making Choices===
Making Choices
[[[1].pdf|Making Green or Red Choices]]

===Figures of Speech===
Kiss My Butt
Save Your Breath


===Military Mom and Dad===
Mommy is a Soldier
Daddy is a Soldier

===Nice Hands/Naughty Hands===
The Middle Finger
Nice Hands/Naughty Hands
Hitting Mom - page 74
Hands To Myself
What Is Bad Touch

===More To Come===
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